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What are the best sleeve options in a bicycle jersey?
There are raglan and set-in sleeves. Set-in sleeves are an old sleeve type where the sleeve starts at the shoulder, this works well if the jerseys are tailor made as there is little room for a variance in sizing across the back and chest. The best sleeve option is raglan sleeve, this sleeve runs from the collar, allowing for a better fit across a large range of body types.

What zippers to choose?
The short 6" exposed zipper is when there are extremely complicated graphics across the front of the jersey and lining up is absolutely critical. The 3/4 and full hidden zippers are the most popular and is a personal preference.

Are there any green or environmentally friendly products used in cycling clothing?
The print method for cycling apparel is dye-sublimation which has to be printed on polyester which is a petrochemical based product. A new and exciting product is now available which mixes polyester with bamboo, reducing the petrochemical percentage.

When choosing a size for cycling garments is it better to size up?
When looking at a sizing chart we would suggest that if there is any doubt, size up one size. Rather a comfortable fit than a tight, uncomfortable one!

What fabrics to ask for?
Our suggestion is CoolDry it is really one of the best but you need to make sure that the fabric has the sweat wicking properties impregnated into it so it does not wash out and not just a coating as many manufactures use to help keep their costs down.

What is the best color for cycling shorts or bibs?
We sweat when we ride, so most lighter colors of Lycra or Spandex start to become transparent. The only color that doesn't have this problem is black and a few other dark colors such as Navy and Royal blue.

What to wear under shorts or bibs?
Never wear any under garments under cycling shorts or bibs. The fabric and padding is designed to increase comfort and reduce chaffing. Wearing undergarments will result in an uncomfortable ride.

Bibs or shorts?
Bibs tend to be for the more serious rider. They cost a little more but are definitely a more comfortable product. Bibs don't have elastic or drawstring around the abdomen making breathing easier and as they run high up your back, plumber's crack is eliminated!

What should be an expected delivery time?
JEK Sports will have your items deliverd in 4 - 5 weeks. Most local companies should be able to get you your items in 6 weeks . Some companies that import in from China will probably have a be 10 - 12 week delivery time.

Any special washing instructions?
Wash all cycling clothing in cold water and hang to dry. Do not iron or use the dryer. Use color-safe non-chlorine bleach or soap.